Welcome to St Mary's DSG Boarding


Welcome and thank you for choosing boarding at St Mary’s DSG.  We look forward to a long and happy association with you.  This is our community and we strive to make it vibrant and inclusive. The Boarding House provides a welcoming home to up to 200 girls from the age of 10 with freshly cooked meals, organised social activities, relaxing times and supervised prep.

At DSG Boarding you’ll discover the strong connections that result from living in a Boarding school environment. Boarding creates bonds — many of them lasting into university and beyond. At St Mary’s DSG, we believe that boarding should complement, not replace family life and that is why we ensure that we have open lines of communication with the families at all times. One of the attributes of being at St Mary’s DSG Boarding, as shared by some of our past and present students is the independence and responsibility that comes with being away from home and knowing that they are becoming experts at solving their own problems and making decisions.

It is important to acknowledge that students in Boarding don’t just have to manage their own affairs, they learn how to live and deal with other people. They are challenged to develop their interpersonal skills through a wide range of activities. Therefore, in order to achieve this, at St Mary’s DSG we believe in holistic education. While in Boarding, the girls are equipped with much-needed life skills that will help them navigate life. In the junior Boarding House, each student is expected to develop the necessary skills and attitudes for effective communal living. This includes taking responsibility for her personal hygiene, maintaining a clean, orderly living space and becoming aware of the impact of her behaviour on others. They are assisted in this process by the Boarding staff who guide them and provide different learning activities. The Boarding House staff also support students who are struggling with home-sickness and help them to develop positive coping mechanisms. As the students settle into life in Boarding, they are expected to work on the development of their time management, organisational skills and interpersonal skills.

On the other hand, the senior students are expected to demonstrate leadership and exhibit a positive outlook and attitude. They should also demonstrate sound organisational, interpersonal and time management skills as these skills will assist them to become well-balanced, responsible individuals who are preparing to live independent lives. At the end of each term, parents and guardians get a report on their daughter’s progress.

Every student at DSG is valued and we strive to ensure that she is comfortable during her stay. We have students from all over Africa which provides a diverse mix and allows for girls to make friends with a wide range of people.


Our boarding environment contains a strong system of care and the Christian values underpin our Boarding philosophy. Each grade is allocated a housemother who keeps a close eye on the development and well-being of each student. The team is supported by housesisters, (university students) who supervise prep and organise fun weekend activities, the School Chaplain, School Counsellors, Nursing Sisters, Parents and, as appropriate, the Head and Deputy Heads of the School. Boarders have a Chapel service with the school chaplain every Sunday.

Please remember, we are always available through email and on the other end of a phone. These important phone numbers are listed in the handbook.

Wishing you a very happy stay.


Mrs Pumla Dlungwana 

Director of Boarding

Date: Tuesday, 08 February 2022 15:39