Computer Literacy and Digital Technologies

The Grade 8 and Grade 9 Computer Literacy syllabi allow the St Mary’s DSG learner to gain confidence in her computer skills in preparation for the Laptop Programme. Grade 8 uncovers a few key internal systems such as domain logins, network storage and backups, email access, and the successful use of the St Mary’s DSG Intranet. Social identity, integrity and online privacy are also discussed to promote a safe online experience. Learners then complete various tasks to exhibit a competent set of skills when working with Microsoft Office, particularly in MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint. They explore the benefits associated with their Office 365 accounts including OneDrive and OneNote. During the latter part of the Easter term, Grade 8 learners officially engage in the St Mary’s DSG Laptop Programme and their laptops are used primarily as educational tools. During Computer Literacy lessons, learners enjoy an introductory module in Adobe Photoshop CS6. Focus is placed on the various selection tool techniques and the learners enjoy many opportunities to exhibit their photo-editing prowess. Learners then delve into graphical programming using Scatch2. Whilst the focus is on gamification, learners implement the use of variables, loops and decision-making structures. Grade 8 learners begin their Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) journey in the Michaelmas term, working towards achieving their MOS PowerPoint title and certificate. Once course content is delivered, learners gain confidence with their acquired skills using our pre-test software and ultimately write their first official examination. Grade 9 learners continue their Microsoft Office Specialist journey and are guided through the coursework and then write the online examination where 70% is the pass mark per module. Grade 9 learners attempt two examinations during the course of the year i.e. MS Excel, MS Word. Learners also enjoy a brief introductory module in Electronics by integrating a MakeyMakey circuit board into a basic game created in Scratch2.

Digital Technologies
The introduction of Digital Technologies as a Grade 8 and Grade 9 choice subject will broaden and extend programming experience with the use of Scratch2, Greenfoot, HTML and Alice. Learners will develop an understanding of the characteristics of data, digital systems, procedures and computational thinking. Learners will automate solutions through logic in their extensive exposure to Robotics using LEGO EV3. They will endeavour to master logic and problem-solving skills together with the use of motors and various sensors and incorporate loops and switches in their programming of their LEGO EV3 robots. A basic framework of the two-year syllabi include HTML webpage creation, Adobe Flash animation, Android app creation, 3D design and printing, as well as a module in Electronics using MakeyMakey and Arduino circuitry to innovate computer use for people who live with physical and communicative challenges. The theory component covers basic concepts of systems technologies, communication, internet technologies and social implications.

Date: Friday, 07 December 2018 07:52