Values of DSG


RESPECT FOR GOD and the spiritual traditions of the school

  • Means honouring God in our communal worship services and in our individual lives
  • Means humbly seeking to be Christ-like in all our relationships
  • Means encouraging spiritual growth and the development of a personal faith in God
  • Means generously offering our lives in service to God and his people
  • Means to make an effort to understand and respect other people’s religions.
  • Means showing kindness and love to others.
  • Means to remain quiet and behave appropriately and reverently in a place of worship
  • Means to participate actively in Chapel services and acts of worship e.g. singing enthusiastically.


  • Means we are uniquely created and therefore respect our bodies
  • Means we must do the best we can in caring for our mind, body and soul


  • Means acknowledging who we are and presenting ourselves in a valuable way.
  • Means to have pride in what we do but still be humble.
  • Means to resist peer pressure


  • Means to take responsibility for our own actions rather than blaming others
  • Means to acknowledge and accept the consequences of any misdemeanour we have committed.
  • Means to set a good example to our peers and to behave in a responsible and reliable manner


  • Means to ensure that our assignments are our own work.
  • Means being truthful whilst showing sensitivity to others


  • Means to keep working towards improvement in all areas of our lives
  • Means to try our best to be positive
  • Means to complete our homework and hand it in on time.
  • Means to do the tasks assigned to the best of our ability
  • Means once a commitment has been made it should be taken seriously
  • Means being accountable for our own behaviour and decisions


  • Means working for what is good for the school community
  • Means to show sympathy for others and encourage our peers positively.
  • Means to greet and be courteous towards all of whom we come into contact with.
  • Means to respect the belongings of others.
  • Means to help each other when we can see someone who is in need of help.
  • Means to support each other in standing up for what is right
  • Means to respect other people’s privacy


  • Means everyone has a right to their own viewpoint, although we do not support viewpoints which go against other DSG values
  • Means to be patient.
  • Means to allow everyone to express their views and opinions without discrimination.
  • Means to understand people instead of judging them.


  • Means working fairly together
  • Means working in teams to achieve shared goals
  • Means to share ideas and help find joint and creative solutions.
  • Means to work together as one community.


Means we support justice for all people

  • Means people have equal opportunities
  • Means to treat others as we would like to be treated.
  • Means not to discriminate for any reason against anyone.


  • Means taking pride in our school and work.
  • Means honouring and upholding our school’s values.
  • Means to wear our uniform with pride and carry ourselves in a manner respectful to ourselves and others.
  • Means to respect the privileges and traditions of the school e.g. standing aside for older people.
  • Means to respect and adhere to the school rules, which basically ensures that we will respect our environment, peers, religion, cultures, parents, teachers and school.
  • Means to have a positive outlook towards ourselves, our school and others.
  • Means to spread a positive image of our school to people outside DSG.
  • Means to remember that everything we do outside of school bears consequences and stays with us forever.