Built on the Christian (Anglican) faith, shared values, holistic excellence, and deep tradition…

St Mary's DSG Vision Statement

St Mary’s DSG, an independent, all-girls Anglican School, strives to create a pathway empowering confident young women of integrity and character to explore their potential and to contribute positively to our nation and the world. 


  • to be a community where care, compassion and service abound, internally and externally.
  • to search for academic excellence through hard work, critical thinking, creativity and innovation.
  • to offer a wide variety of opportunities in sport and culture, deliberately exposing learners to life and leadership.
  • to use information technology effectively to enhance learning and prepare learners for the  unknown future.
  • to provide a home of beauty, safety and vibrancy for all.
  • to exercise exemplary environmental responsibility.
  • to be known for the expertise and confidence of our alumnae.

St Mary's DSG Values

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Agility
  • Growth mindset
  • Generosity of spirit

The school has a three-term year. Term dates vary from year to year, but are approximately as follows:

Term 1 - mid-January to early April

Term 2 - early May to early August

Term 3 - early September to early December

The academic day starts at 07:30 for all pupils. Extra-mural and sporting activities take place in the afternoons and on some Saturday mornings.

 The School is divided into four Houses - St Andrew, St George, St David and St Patrick. Inter-House competitions take place in all sports as well as in other activities such as music, drama, public speaking and quizzes.



The Christian ethics espoused by the Bishop and Sisters from the outset have been handed down over the years and remain at the heart of our teaching philosophy, with daily acts of worship and chapel services co-ordinated by our resident Chaplain.

As an Anglican school, St Mary's aims to deepen an awareness of the love of God and to encourage spiritual growth. While girls of other denominations and faiths are welcome at St Mary's, all pupils are required to attend Divinity classes, daily acts of worship and certain other compulsory chapel services.

Voluntary services, including Mass, are celebrated regularly; these provide ample opportunity for girls to further their worship. The Sunday services are compulsory for boarders, but daygirls and parents are always welcome to attend.
The Chaplain prepares girls for confirmation. Girls are encouraged to participate actively in the worship. Many serve in other ways as sacristans, servers or choir members.


The School Prayer

Lord Jesus, Child of Bethlehem,
bless our school and all its members, past and present.
Be with us in our worship,
in our work and in our play.
Inspire the hearts of those who teach
and of those who learn;
train those who rule and those who obey,
that all may offer Thee the perfect service
which is worthy of Thy Love.
Who livest and reignest with the Father
and the Holy Spirit, ever one God,
world without end.

Date: Wednesday, 17 November 2021 16:01