- A Grade 8 & Grade 9 pupil needs to collect 10 merits to receive an invite to the accolades tea.

- A Grade 10 - 12 pupil needs to collect 7 merits to receive an invite to the accolades tea.

- Accolades tea will be held in the last week of the month.

- Grade 10 to 12 on Tuesdays and grades 8 and 9 on Wednesdays.

- Merits are handed in weekly to the tutor who will send the data to the senior school receptionís secretary.

- Merits are collated by the secretary who will compile a list in House order.

- A letter will be sent to all parents if the pupil is invited to the accolades tea-for their information.

- The 4 houses accumulate accolades throughout the year and the merits go towards house points for the overall house trophy at prize giving.

- A prize goes to the pupil who accumulates the most accolades throughout the year.



- Merits are only awarded for full length (major) tests and assignments.

- The pupil must get 80% or improve by 10% from the previous best assessment.

- Exceptional effort on major individual assignments.

- No merits for peer assessment tests.

- Merits for oral/practical work must be the equivalent of a "major" test.

- Merits must be given by all. Consistency, as far as possible, should apply.

- There should be a normal spread of results in the test.



- If a pupil excels in any other sphere of school life she will be invited to an accolades tea.

- Staff members can send names and achievements through to the Vice-Principal: Academics who will make the selection.

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Date: Monday, 24 July 2017 08:32