Types of Laptops & Software Used

What type of laptops and software will be used for this programme?

The Knowledge Centre (the Department responsible for the school’s ICT infrastructure, technical support, Computer Literacy teaching, Media Centre and teacher ICT support) has conducted extensive research into the type of computers and software package that would be best suited for the St Mary’s DSG Laptop Programme.

We have selected 2 laptop options for you to choose from.

Both laptops will include the following:
Acer Laptop
Microsoft Windows 7 / 10 Professional
Microsoft Office 2016 (Student edition)
Pre-loaded academic software including:
Geometer Sketchpad, Geogebra,  Autograph, Multimedia Science School 1 & 2, Afrikaans Dictionary, Sepedi Dictionary,  W spel, Adobe Photoshop CS6,      Adobe Acrobat Professional, Fireworks, VLC, FLV, Google-earth, Google-stars, Google-sketchup, Nero, Math-Pro, H Story
Utility Software (ESET Endpoint Antivirus 5.0)
Wireless mouse
Computer Bag that will protect the laptop
1-Year System Warranty (this excludes accidental damage)
Optional 3 year on-site warranty (at an additional cost)

Date: Wednesday, 25 May 2016 11:26