If I currently own a Laptop

If I currently own a laptop, do I need to purchase a new one through St Mary’s DSG?

Unfortunately you will be expected to purchase a new one.\

We have experienced endless problems in the past with laptops not purchased through the school.

For a variety of reasons, the school cannot undertake to service laptops which are not part of the school scheme. Configuration of the school scheme laptops is undertaken with a master disk prepared by us.  This disk enables the initial configuration utilities for our many printers, email, Internet and other services.  This automated system will not work with other makes or specifications of laptops.  These would have to be configured manually. In addition, we want to offer ongoing support to pupils and, again, this is only practical on machines with which we are familiar and where we know the software and hardware settings.

Standardisation of hardware and software is crucial if laptops are used as an integrated part of classroom instruction.  Research of laptop schools indicates that standardisation promotes consistency in the curriculum, easy on-campus repair, collaborative use of common software, easy updates and equality among girls.  Girls who use non-school laptops will not have access to on-campus repair, or to the loan laptops. We have also seen in the past how students are disadvantaged when using their own non-school laptops during intranet tests and exams as some of the machines are not capable of functioning in a professional environment due to software constraints.

Date: Wednesday, 25 May 2016 13:42