Mission Statement
With our ever-changing society, it is essential that we equip our young people in this country with the necessary skills to interact with as wide a population as possible. Since many learners who are native speakers of African languages attend English-medium education institutions, they lose their ability to converse and correspond in their home language. It is with this in mind that our mission statement is formulated. Sepedi enables the learners to communicate effectively, both in verbal and written disciplines, in their personal, social, educational and occupational environments.

Course Outline
To broaden and deepen language competencies so that learners are able to listen, speak, read/view and write/present with confidence that forms a basis for life-long learning.

• Use language appropriately in real-life contexts.
• Express and justify their own ideas, views and emotions confidently in order to become independent and analytical thinkers.
• Use language and their imagination to represent and explore human experience.
• Use language to access and manage information for learning across the curriculum.
• Use language as a tool for critical and creative thinking.
• Express reasoned opinions on ethical issues and values.
• Interact critically with a wide range of texts.
• Recognise the unequal status of different languages and language varieties.

Assessment and Examinations
• There is continuous assessment of oral and written work in normal class situations.
• Writing is assessed continuously across a range of different tasks such as language and comprehension exercises as well as creative, transactional and          functional writing.
• Class tests and standardised tests are written regularly.
• Homework and assignments are given regularly.
• Projects are given termly.
• Examinations

Paper I hours [100]
Paper II hours [100]
Continuous assessment: Portfolio [100]
Oral   [100]

Skills Taught
• Basic language skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing and research.
• Language is the best tool for instilling life skills such as critical thinking, analysing, problem-solving, initiative, etc.

Special Event
Annually we organise the Sepedi Evening which is a special function where the culture and many of its practices are displayed, i.e. music, clothes, food and dances. This event is always blessed by excellent attendance by both the girls and their parents. Guests from outside are usually invited to come and share this event with us.

Career Paths and Opportunities
• Teaching presents a definite career path.
• Translating, interpreting, journalism and public relations present many career paths.
• Lexicographers and terminologists, as this aspect is mostly needed by the Department of Arts and Culture as well as PANSALB.
• The theatre, film, radio and television world are self-evident career opportunities.
• Doctors working as interns all over the country, as well as nurses, would be well-equipped with the knowledge of an African language as part of their package.

Date: Monday, 23 May 2016 14:21