At St Mary’s DSG, we encourage as many girls as possible to choose Core Mathematics.

Curriculum Outline:  Mathematics

Description of content Marks (Approximate Weighting of Content Area)
Algebra and equations (and inequalities) 25
Patterns and sequences 25
Finance, growth and decay 15
Functions and graphs 35
Differential calculus 35
Probability 15

Description of content Marks (Approximate Weighting of Content Area)
Bookwork (included in any of the topics listed below) 6
Statistics 20
Analytical geometry 40
Trigonometry 40
Euclidean geometry and measurement 50

Assessment and Examination
Assessment in Grades 10, 11 and 12 is modelled on the assessment structure in Grade 12.  Students are expected to complete summative assessments, as well as portfolio assessments.  25% of the final mark is made up from year work, and the final examination comprises 75% of the result.
Mathematics focuses on formal, more abstract mathematical concepts.  The current Mathematics syllabus assesses learners’ abilities equally in Algebra, Graphing, Trigonometry and Geometry, the latter having been reintroduced in the new curriculum from 2012.  Deductive thinking, required particularly in the Euclidean Geometry, is a prerequisite for many courses at tertiary level.

Enrichment and Special Events:
Participation in the South African Mathematics Olympiad
Participation in the University of Pretoria Mathematics competition
Visits to the University of Pretoria
Regular involvement of the Mathematics patron, Professor Ansie Harding
Motivational talks with a mathematical flavour
Advanced Programme Mathematics

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