Life Orientation

Life Orientation
Life Orientation as a Learning Area

• Life Orientation is the study of the self in relation to others and to society on a personal, social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical and developmental    level.
• Life Orientation guides and prepares learners for life, its responsibilities and possibilities – it equips learners to solve problems and make informed decisions     and choices.
• Life Orientation is an inter-disciplinary subject that draws on integrated knowledge, values and skills embedded in various career and study fields.
• Physical Education is also included as part of Life Orientation. This is aimed at equipping students with the necessary skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle     through participation in physical activities and to allow them to adopt sport and physical recreation as a lifetime commitment.
• The main objective is to provide a relevant and current forum in which pupils may explore life issues that affect them at their various stages of development    and obtain suitable guidance in dealing with any problems they may encounter.

Focus Areas covered
In Grades 10 and 11, the Life Orientation curriculum is divided into the following 6 topics:
• Development of the self in society
• Social and environmental responsibility
• Democracy and Human Rights
• Careers and career choices
• Study skills
• Physical Education

In Grade 12
Personal well-being:
• Development of personal identity, self-development and building lasting relationships with self, family and peers
• Various and diverse influences in society that impact on the well-being of self and others
• Development of life skills to cope with stress, crisis situations and personal challenges that impact on lasting relationships with self, family and peers
• Gender equity and the impact of gender specific challenges

Citizenship Education:
• Active participation in the exploration of human rights issues in our immediate, national and international communities
• Open discussion and investigation of current social issues i.e. discrimination, economic and social justice, sustainable living etc.
• Diversity i.e. gender, religion, culture, ethnicity etc.
• Democratic participation as guaranteed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights

Recreation and Physical Activity:
• Nutrition and building a healthy and balanced life-style
• Physical activity for sustainable physical health
• Participation in organised and recreational sporting activities
• Participation in environmental outdoor games
• Issues concerning safety in physical exercise. This is implemented through activities such as lifesaving.

Careers and Career Choices:
• Identifying and developing personal interests, knowledge , skills and abilities for future success
• Current career and entrepreneurial options available and in demand 
• Accessing information study and career options both nationally and internationally
• Alternative tertiary options to university, gap-year opportunities and self-employment opportunities
Time management and goal setting, learning styles, study methods and study habits, stress management and examination-writing skills form an integral part of both the Personal Wellbeing and Career Focus areas throughout the High School Life Orientation programme.

Career and Study Fields linked to Life Orientation as a Learning Area
• Sociology:  Social, Urban and Rural Studies / Social worker / Social Analyst etc.
• Psychology:  All the principles of Psychology including Sport Psychology / Criminologist / Social Developer etc.
• Political Sciences and International Studies:  Political Analyst / Diplomatic Studies / Journalism etc.
• Labour Studies and Industrial Sociology:  Labour Relations / Arbitration and Conflict Management etc.
• Human Movement Science and Sport Science: Sport and Recreation / Bio-mechanics / Bio Kinethetist / Sport Marketing/ and Financial Management etc.

Additionally, pupils are required to obtain four certificates during the three years of Grades 10 to12.  At least three learning outcomes need to be covered. Examples include:
Community Service: Grade 10 Dιbutante year
Citizenship: Leadership Camp
Personal Wellbeing: Fist Aid course
Recreation and Physical Activity: Course in sport umpiring and scoring

Career Guidance and Counselling
As a part of the Life Orientation curriculum, we offer specific and focused career and aptitude assessment and guidance to all our students.  This takes place in three formal phases:

Grade 11: Individual sessions are arranged during Term 2 and again in September to assist the students in establishing and achieving their academic goals for university application in their Grade 12 year.

Grade 12: Formal individual sessions are held with all the students during Term 1 and again at various times throughout the year as required by the students to provide career-specific guidance and assist them with current information and guidance for universities / college applications for their tertiary studies and options for the next year.  This includes application to international universities, colleges and/or structured gap year options.

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