Purpose of the language curriculum:

The purpose of the language curriculum is to enable learners to acquire knowledge, to express their identity, feelings and ideas, to interact with others and to manage their world.

Course Outline
To broaden and deepen language competencies so that learners are able to listen, speak, read/view and write/present with confidence that forms a basis for life-long learning.

• Use language appropriately and accurately in real-life contexts.
• Express and justify their own ideas, views and emotions confidently in order to become independent and analytical thinkers.
• Listen, speak, write and present the language with confidence and enjoyment.
• Use the language and their imagination to find out more about themselves and the world around them.
• Use language to access and manage information for learning across the curriculum.
• Use language as a tool for critical and creative thinking.

Overview of language skills and content:

• Listening and Speaking
• Reading and Viewing
• Writing and Presenting
• Language

Assessment and Examinations

• There is continuous assessment of oral and written work in normal class situations.
• Writing is assessed continuously across a range of different tasks such as language and comprehension exercises as well as creative, transactional and      functional writing.
• Class tests and standardised tests are written regularly.
• Homework and assignments are given regularly.
• Projects are given termly.
• Examinations.

Paper I hours [100]
Paper II hours [100]
Continuous assessment: Portfolio [100]
Oral   [100]

Special Events

• Afrikaans Olympiad
• Pretoria Eisteddfod
• National Eisteddfod
• The Van Huyssteens Oratorical Festival
• Digital Concert
• Pit Production: Prescribed book and poems

Professional Intelligent Theatre (PIT), a company based on vision, passion and pure positivity, send a group of professional actors to schools to present a tailor-made performance of Afrikaans prescribed works. Performances are extremely energetic and are directed and choreographed by visionary directors.

Date: Friday, 27 May 2016 12:06