Policy on Submission of Work


The meeting of deadlines is an important life skill and learners need to master the art of time management before embarking on
higher education or entering the work place.

The policy of St Mary’s DSG is thus:

  • Learners will be given assignment sheets detailing the requirements of the assignment and the due date.
  • No assignments are to be given to learners for completion over a mid-term break or school holiday.
  • Learners are to hand in their assignments directly to the educator. Electronic submissions must be receipted. The return of the assignment electronically should also be receipted.
  • Should the learner fail to hand in the work on time because of ill-health, a doctor’s certificate is to be provided.
  • Should the learner fail to hand in the work on time for reasons that are not legitimate there will be a penalty of 25% after the 1st day and 50% after the 2nd day deducted from the mark. Thereafter failure to submit the work will result in no marks awarded. (Weekends count as one day.)
  • The end of the day for submission purposes is the end of the academic school day which is 13H50.
  • Should the pupil know in advance that they will be absent when an item is due for submission, then the work should be submitted in advance of the due date.
  • It is the learner’s responsibility to hand in work immediately when she returns to school after an absence, even if she is not scheduled to attend the specific subject on the day of return.
  • Each teacher should submit a list of late work offenders to the Grade Heads on a regular basis.
  • Parents MUST be contacted after three late work offences albeit in different subjects, but may be contacted at any point.
  • Pupils sent to the Head after three offences.
  • A disciplinary hearing will be held after 5 late works.
  • Matrics will have no latitude at all. Late work will be reported to parents immediately. They will see the Head with the teacher, Grade Head and Vice-Principal Academics.


  • Learners who miss an assessment (for example, a test or an examination) through ill-health are required to provide a doctor’s certificate confirming this.
  • Learners who miss a test through ill-health or other legitimate reasons will be expected to write the test with the educator on afternoon duty at the soonest opportunity available as consulted with the subject teacher. This consultation should take place on the day she returns to school.
  • Learners who miss an examination through ill-health or other legitimate reasons will be expected to reschedule the examination date with the Vice-Principal Academics on the date of return.


I, ________________________________________________ hereby declare that I have read and understood the contents of the Academic Code of Conduct and shall make every effort to comply with it. I understand that failure to comply with its contents will result in disciplinary action.

Signed by Learner: ______________________ Witness: ________________________

Date:     __________________________

Date: Monday, 23 May 2016 14:06