Non-Plagiarism Declaration

Non-Plagiarism Declaration.       
This needs to be included in every task submitted.

Non-Plagiarism Declaration & Authenticity Statement

I, _____________________________ (Full name), hereby declare that this assignment is my own, original work and that I did not plagiarise in the following project in anyway:

SUBJECT:   _________________________________________

PROJECT TITLE:   ____________________________________

Where a secondary source (verbal, printed or electronic) has been used, I have carefully acknowledged and referenced it in accordance with St Mary’s DSG’s Plagiarism Policy.

I include a full reference list of all sources used as proof. I understand what plagiarism is, and accept the St Mary’s DSG’s Plagiarism Policy in this regard.

I have also not allowed anyone else to borrow or copy my work.

Date:   _____________________

Signature:   __________________

Plagiarism Report.
Learners should put the final electronic version of their task through plagiarism-checking software and staple the plagiarism report to their Research Report/Essay as an additional means of protection. Turnitin is recommended as an effective plagiarism checker.

Some other suggested plagiarism checkers are:

If more than 15% of a submission is plagiarised, teachers must check the establish exactly what has been identified and take the necessary action. There may in fact not be 15% plagiarism.
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