St Mary’s DSG employs two full-time Nursing Sisters who are responsible for the physical and emotional well-being of your daughter. We would like to inform you of the procedures relating to the Sanatorium at St Mary’s DSG.

Our goal is to keep the girls well and in class during the school day. To help us achieve this goal, we kindly request that you do not send your daughter to school if she is unwell. If a daygirl is absent, please inform the school of her absence. If she is missing a test/assignment, a doctor’s note is required.

It is essential that the Sisters have all the relevant medical information (e.g. allergies, chronic medication, previous illnesses etc) regarding your daughter, as well as a copy of your medical aid card, ID copy of the main member and a copy of the scholar’s birth certificate. Please ensure that the medical forms are completed at registration and that your details are updated annually, to ensure that our records are correct.
The flu vaccine is given annually, with permission from the parents.  We also organize First Aid Courses which the girls can attend, to help them in the future.
The school has a Southsure insurance policy which assists with payment for school-related accidents or injuries. Parents should inquire regarding this so that a claim can be registered. (This does NOT include illness).

The San is open from 6h30 on weekdays. Official San times for pupils are at 6h30 - 7h20, Break (10h55 -11h20), 13h50 –14h30 (after school) and from 16h30 – 18h00 (after sport/afternoon activities). The Sanatorium is open for emergencies all day. Girls who are ill are sent to the San with a letter from the teacher. No girl may visit San during school time, without permission, unless it is an emergency. The Sisters cannot excuse daygirls from sport, unless the student’s parents have contacted the Sisters directly.
Weekend Sanatorium times are after every mealtime. The house moms attend to the girls who need medication over weekends and in consultation and with advice from the sisters if needed. It is therefore important that all boarders have a form that is signed by parents to give the house moms permission to hand out medication. The Sister is available during the night and over weekends, in the event of an emergency.

Boarders who become ill or suffer from a minor ailment are seen by one of the Sisters in the Sanatorium, where they are given medication, if necessary. If necessary, they may lie down for a while, or return to school immediately, depending on the seriousness of the ailment. The Sanatorium consists of a general room with four beds and one isolation room with two beds. Girls who contract an infectious disease are sent home as soon as possible. Boarders who are sick and need to see a doctor will have an appointment made for them and may need to go home for a few days. Daygirls’ parents will be contacted if their daughters are sick and need to be collected.

The school makes use of the medical practice at Hatmed, Drs Lingenfelder and Momberg. They have consulting rooms three blocks away, in Hatfield and we work in close relationship with the doctors.
Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact one of the Sisters.
We are looking forward welcoming you to the St Mary’s DSG community.

Sr. Lizl Du Plessis: 0847293767

Sr. Annika Scholtz: 0822142470