General Information


Sport and physical education are seen as an activity of personal expression, a physical experience necessitating mental effort, with a strong emotional component enabling individuals to express themselves physically, experience the pleasure of play, self-development, personal development and self-actualisation. It is about testing oneself, learning, allowing the competitive spirit to flourish in the pursuance of individual excellence and about winning. It makes a significant contribution by teaching values, fair play, teamwork and co-operation. It can enhance preparation for a lifetime of being well, being active and being involved, teaching self-discipline, self-respect, respect for others and competitive skills and behaviours.

Sport in all its many forms has a great deal to offer children and young people. Apart from the joy of physical activity in itself, it gives them the chance to develop a sense of self-worth, a knowledge of their own abilities, an opportunity to work in co-operation with others and an understanding of competition. Sport offers the chance to experiment with physical and emotional boundaries in a healthy and safe environment. In short, it gives children and young people the chance to develop some of the skills needed for living in our society.

The International Charter of Physical Education and Sport, produced by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), states that one of the essential conditions for achieving human rights should be freedom "to develop and preserve his or her physical, intellectual and moral powers, and that access to physical education and sport should consequently be assured and guaranteed for all human beings."


  • to develop the physical, intellectual and moral powers of the learners and thereby improve the quality of life at all levels
  • to ensure through sport and physical education a more effective contribution to the calculation of fundamental human values underlying the full development of people
  • to ensure that children and young people find enjoyment and lasting satisfaction through participating in physical activity
  • to encourage children and young people to adopt a fit and healthy lifestyle by making sports participation attractive, safe and enjoyable.
  • to create opportunities for every learner to participate in sport at all different levels from Grade 0 – 12 from recreational to national level.
  • to make adults aware that children play to satisfy themselves and not necessarily to satisfy adults and their ambition

Physical Education

Physical Education classes form part of the official morning school programme and are offered from Grade 0 – 12. The Physical Education classes form part of the Life Orientation programme.

Sports Offered

  • Athletics U7 – U13  Junior
  • Basketball U7 – U18
  • Hockey U7 – U18 (U8 – U9 Mini Hockey)
  • Netball U7 – U19 (U8 – U9 Mini Netball)
  • Squash U8 – U18 (U8 Mini Squash) 
  • Swimming U7 – U18 
  • Tennis U7 – U18 (U8 – U9 Mini-Tennis)

Individuals who do not want to participate at a competitive level can do Running, Squash, Swimming and Tennis as a recreational sport at different times during the year.


  • Multi-purpose hall
    • 1 x full size netball court
    • 1 x full size basketball court
    • 2 x full size volley ball courts
    • 1 x gymnasium with sprung floor


  • 4 x Basketball courts    (2 with lights)
  • 1 x Astroturf with lights
  • 3 x Hockey fields
  • 6 x Netball courts (all-weather-2 with lights)
  • 4 x Squash courts
  • 1 x 25m Swimming pool (8 lanes)
  • 1 x baby Swimming pool
  • 5 x Tennis courts (1 with lights)
  • 4 x Mini-Tennis courts

Annual Events and Tours

  • Inter-House competitions for the following sporting codes:  Athletics, Basketball, Hockey, Netball, Soccer(Junior), Biathlon (Junior), Cross-Country, Squash, Swimming and Tennis
  • Independent Schools’ Tennis Festival – Senior School
  • Independent Schools’ Sports Festival – Senior School: Hockey, Netball, Tennis and Squash
  • Junior and Senior Basketball, Netball, Hockey and Swimming tours
  • Local annual prestigious festivals - St Mary’s Waverley Hockey Festival, St Andrew’s Netball Festival, St Mary’s Waverley Summer Splash
  • Sports clinics offered in different areas 
  • Overseas tours (Senior)

School Leagues

The different sporting codes all participate in different official leagues.


An award system to acknowledge excellence is in place for both the Junior and Senior Schools.