Awards Criteria


All decisions regarding awards (other than in the case of CSMV awards, and Prizegiving awards) will be made by the Awards Committee meeting under the chair of the Vice-Principal: Student Affairs.  Where there is an impasse or conflict of opinion, the Head will have the deciding vote.  The Committee shall be constituted as follows:

 Chair: The Vice-Principal: Student Affairs
 Members: The Head of School
The Vice-Principal: Academics
The Sports director
The Head of Music
The Head of Drama
 Co-opted members: Two teachers nominated by the staff to serve a 2-year term, one of them a knowledgeable, involved sports coach and the other a leader in the cultural field.

The Committee may (but shall not be required to) co-opt up to two additional members of staff or the pupil body with a specialised knowledge of a particular aspect relevant to the functioning of the Committee.

A staff member making a nomination may motivate his/her proposal to the Committee in person, but shall not be part of the decision-making unless he/she is a member of the Committee in his/her own right, in terms of the preceding paragraphs.



  1. Senior awards are available only to pupils in Grades 10, 11 or 12. Junior awards are for pupils in Grades 8 and 9, or in the U13, U14 or U15 age groups. 
  2. Loyalty, sportsmanship, availability, attendance at practices, functions or meetings, team spirit, behaviour in class (academic) etc, must be of the highest order before a pupil can receive an award: these factors cannot, however, serve as the reason for an award where performance criteria are not met.
  3. In deciding on awards for colours or honours, consistency of performance over an academic year or a full season will be a criterion, in respect both of actual achievements and criteria in point 2. 
  4. Participation in school team activities and representation.
  5. With the exception of the Full Colours Leadership Award, outstanding captaincy/leadership alone does NOT qualify the individual for an award. 
  6. If an outstanding Grade 8 or 9 pupil competes internationally (e.g. in the Olympics), the Awards Committee would have the right to waive the age-group/grade ruling and award colours/honours.
  7. The Awards Committee may, at their discretion, award a Special Achievement Certificate in recognition of a pupil's success which falls outside defined criteria.
  8. Awards may not be given until a pupil has completed a full academic year at DSG.
  9. Awards are only made after the player has participated in the relevant tournament / competition.



A small medallion in silver and enamel (blue for the Senior school award, brown for the Junior school award) which may be worn with school uniform as a pendant.

Girls who receive the Junior School CSMV award will be entitled to wear it in the Senior School for their Grade 8 year only.

Girls in Grades 11 and 12 in the Senior School are eligible for the award.

Academic, Cultural and Sport:
A metal badge to be worn on the school blazer.

Cord around the edge of the blazer, the top of the pocket and 10 cm from the cuff of each sleeve, and a metal badge to be worn on the school blazer.

Cord around the edge of the blazer, the top of the pocket and 10 cm from the cuff of each sleeve, and a metal badge to be worn on the school blazer.

A special Honours blazer badge, with a bar (sewn onto the blazer) indicating the field in which Honours have been awarded.

A metal badge to be worn on the school blazer.

A metal badge to be worn on the school blazer.



  1. Standards in all areas (sports, academic, cultural) will be recognised by the award of a certificate. 
  2. A Special Achievement certificate can be issued in recognition of an achievement not recognised by any criteria listed.



This is the highest award a girl can receive at St Mary's. It is intended to provide recognition for a girl who participates wholeheartedly in many different spheres of school life, whose attainments are highly commendable and whose character displays admirable qualities.

Mechanics of the award
Separate meetings of the staffs of the Junior and Senior schools will be convened during the last term of each year in order to make the CSMV awards. Names of candidates must be displayed on the staff room notice board at least seven days before the meeting and must be sponsored by two members of staff.
The granting of an award to any individual shall require the approval of the Head of the School.

Criteria for the award
Nominees for the award must gain majority approval from a meeting of the full staff of the respective schools in the first four of the following criteria, and in at least one of the remaining criteria:

1.2.1   Academic application

1.2.2   Conduct

1.2.3   Courtesy

1.2.4   Commitment and involvement in sport and other extra-mural activities

1.2.5   Service to the school and others

1.2.6   Initiative

1.2.7   Inter-personal relationships

In making the award, consideration must be given to the previous two years of a pupil's school life, unless the pupil has been at St Mary's for less than that time. Pupils must have been at the school for at least one year.


The Disciplinary Committee may deprive a girl of the CSMV Award in a case of serious misconduct, or if it is felt that for a reasonable period of time the standard of her school life has fallen below that which was recognised by the presentation of the award.