Welcome to St Mary's DSG Boarding

pumla2Welcome and thank you for choosing boarding at St Mary’s DSG.  We look forward to a long and happy association with you.  Good boarding schools are like extended families and enjoy very close connections with the boarders and their family relatives.  At St Mary’s DSG, we believe that boarding should complement, not replace family life.  Therefore, we are as friendly and approachable as we can be.  Our boarding environment contains a strong system of care.

The School has a long and proud tradition of boarding and we seek to uphold those values of respect, understanding, community, friendship, participation and balance.  Every boarder at St Mary’s DSG is regarded as an important individual who is supported and encouraged in her own efforts to achieve for full potential

We aim to make the girls feel comfortable about their boarding choice.  Boarding is a difficult step for many families, but it is important for you to know that we do understand most of the difficulties and the sense of loss in those initial weeks.  We are available to support your daughter throughout her stay in our care.

My approach is to be contactable at all times.  This includes my cell phone with me at all times, even next to my bed at night.  In case of an emergency, there is a house mistress on call overnight on each side of the boarding house and there is always a Nursing Sister on call.

Boarding develops many valuable life skills.  It encourages a sense of independence at it also enables girls to engage confidently with a very wide range of people.  Boarders make friends for life and they develop many wonderful personal attributes through community living.

Good, contemporary boarding schools such as St Mary’s DSG are judged by the strong and open relationship between boarders, staff and parents.  Our boarders are also encouraged to make decisions and to grow as confident, trusted and capable individuals.

Most importantly, Christian values underpin our boarding philosophy.  The welfare of our boarders is paramount and boarding staff liaise closely with the School Chaplain, School Counsellors, Nursing Sisters, Parents and, as appropriate, the Head and Deputy Heads of the School.

St Mary’s DSG is a happy, welcoming community and we have boarders from many parts of the country and Africa.  We also have boarders from as far as America.  This provides a culturally diverse mix and allows for girls to make friends with a wide range of people.

The value of a St Mary’s DSG boarding experience is that it encourages girls to make decisions and become confident, trusted, happy and capable young women.

Please remember, we are always available through email and on the other end of a phone.  These important phone numbers are listed on page 6 of this handbook.

Wishing you a very happy stay.

Ms Pumla Mbandlwa

Director of Boarding