St Mary’s DSG runs an intensive Outreach Programme that includes several fundraising activities and outreach endeavours.

The major fundraising effort is done yearly by all Grade 10 girls, in the form of a Débutantes’ Programme. This programme has functioned effectively at St Mary’s DSG for the past 15 years and has raised over R3,256,000.00 for charity to date.  The main charity which benefits from the Débutantes’ Programme is Irene Homes. Also started by the CSMV sisters, Irene Homes is part of the St Mary’s DSG family. We have 8 other focus areas per year.

Each grade is encouraged to get involved in a charity every year. They visit several charitable organisations throughout the year. Driven by the senior girls, St Mary’s DSG has a Reach Out Portfolio. They are responsible for fundraising and drives such as Blood Drives and Textbook Drives. The Junior School holds several fundraising activities during the year. Their main fundraising drive is The Big Walk, where monies collected go to the Old Girls’ Association.

Outreach Brochure - (6 MB)

Outreach May 2017

The school uniform second-hand shop is located on the Archive Stoep, and is open every Monday from 14:15 – 15:00. The funds raised are used to support our charities.

Outreach Charities to date:

Help Seniors
• Blankets from the Lent drive.
• Turquoise ribbons made by the President’s Award girls.

Tumelong Mission
• Old clothes, which include some lost property, e.g. old white long-sleeved shirts.
• Shoes collected during “One Day Without Shoes” were donated to Tumelong.
• Lent drive second-hand clothes.

Leamogetswe Safety Home, Atteridgeville
• Lent drive second-hand clothes.
• Blankets from the Lent drive.

Louis Botha Children’s Home
• Second-hand clothes from the Lent drive.
• Lost property in the form of lunch boxes and water bottles.
• Food from the “Just Add Water” campaign

House competitions:
All goods collected in the Inter-House competitions are distributed among our nominated charities above. To date the following have been collected:
• 789.95 kg of clothes.
• 2209 food items in the “Just Add Water” campaign.
• 376 blankets made by the girls and staff.

Reach Out Portfolio
• Blood donations:
o 27/01/2017 - 25 pupils/staff donated blood
o 31/03/2017 - 25 pupils/staff donated blood


“It is in giving that we receive.”