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Alex Malapane

Alex Malapane, MBA, is a Pretoria based expert. He is the General Conference Chair for the Fourth Industrial Revolution [4IR] Indaba Convention. Academically, Alex holds a Bachelor of Earth Sciences in Mine Surveying, a B-Tech in Project Management, a Postgraduate Diploma in Management and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. Alex is currently studying towards a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Economics and Management Sciences at the North West University. In 2019, he discovered a data mining technique termed Alex Malapane Data Mining Technique (AMDMT 0001) indexed by IEEE which he presented during the Systems Information, Engineering and Design Symposium held at University of Virginia, USA. Alex is a writer of 4 books with his most recent been "Tracking the Future: The Fourth Industrial Revolution", a book set to be distributed and dispatched towards the finish of 2020.

Alex serves in various non-benefit associations in different capacities. Alex is a functioning gathering speaker, facilitator, arbitrator and consistently brings his innovation savvy to the stage, helping managers and organizations convey perplexing, creative data while as yet keeping the air invigorated and fun. His ability to engage different audience from different industries is his most grounded point. His aptitude ranges from Research and Development, Project Management, Operations Management, Strategy, and Policy Development. Alex has a reach experience of developing and implementing turn-around strategies, change management and he is a functioning multidiscipline specialist.