Sounds of Spring Classical Music Competition






  1. Junior School:       One category for all Junior School entries, including all instruments.

        Senior School:       Piano






        Minimum requirementsABRSM/UNISA/Trinity College

        Junior School Grade 4 or higher practical standard

        Senior School Grade 6 or higher practical standard


  1. Duration of works to be performed:

        Junior School 3 – 6 minutes

        Senior School 6 – 10 minutes

        One work or a combination of contrasting works, not to exceed the maximum time allowance.

        Works performed must be of a serious nature. No light music or jazz will be allowed.

  1. No piano concertos will be allowed (solo piano works only)
  2. All “repeat” indications may be ignored, but Da Capo must be obeyed.




VOCAL CATEGORY (Senior School only)


  1. Contestants should be a Grade 4 or higher standard
  2. The programme presented should consist of two different items not exceeding a total of 10 minutes.

        The two works to be performed should be contrasting in style, mood and tempi.





  1. Categories

        Junior School:       One category for all instruments

        Senior School:       Piano






  1. No participants older than 19 years or post matric will be allowed.
  2. No auditions are required BUT minimum practical requirements apply (see rules above)
  3. The entry fee is R250 and is non-refundable. Online entry form to be completed and submitted by the closing date: 31 July 2019. Entries will open 1 March 2019. Please supply all the correct and current information, and check details regarding the work/s to be performed. No change of programme will be allowed after 20 July 2019.


        No late entries will be accepted.

        Banking detail:

                        Account name: St Mary’s DSG Pretoria

                        Standard Bank

                        Current Account No: 011 974 281

                        Branch: 011545

                        Ref: SOS Surname Name


                        POP email to:

                        (Ms Zanele Mabulu, Debtors Clerk Senior School)




  1. 2019 Dates :

        The competition consists of a First Round and a Gala Event.

        The First Round will commence on Monday 16 September and end on Wednesday 18 September 2019.

        Participants will receive a specified time and date for which their performance is scheduled, including the location for the performance.

        The Gala Event will take place on Friday 20 September at the

        St Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls: Performing Arts Centre, at 18h30.

  1. One complete set of photocopies of the music must be supplied for the first round, and must be clearly marked with the name and category of the contestant. All music copies will be destroyed after the competition.
  2. All contestants will receive a certificate as well as a commentary sheet written by the adjudicator of the category. These will be handed out at the end of each session. It is expected of contestants to remain until the end of their session.
  3. Two contestants from each category (see 1) will be selected to perform at the final Gala Event. The parents and/or teachers of the successful contestants will be notified by text message or email on Wednesday evening 18 September after completion of the First Round.
  4. The winner of each category will be announced at the end of the Gala Evening.
  5. Category winners of 2019 will not be allowed to perform in the same category in 2020.
  6. Repertoire will not be allowed to be repeated during the competition of a following year.
  7. Contestants must report to the competition venue at least 20 minutes before a performance is scheduled to take place. Warm-up facilities will be available.
  8. Should a contestant need an accompanist or page turner, this must be provided for by the contestant.
  9. No “back tracks” will be allowed as accompaniment in any of the categories, instrumental or vocal.
  10. Performances will ONLY be allowed at the time specifically allocated to each contestant. No exception will be made to allow performances outside of these time slots.

        Performances will be timed, and exceeding the allowed time limit

        (see Rule no 3) might lead to disqualification.

  1. A contestant will be disqualified if he/she does not arrive at the correct time and date for which the performance was scheduled.
  2. The decision of the adjudicators is final and no negotiation will be allowed.






  1. The Gala Evening will take place on Friday 20 September 2019 at 18h30, at the St Mary’s DSG Performing Arts Centre (Pretoria).
  2. The finalists will be notified by text message or email sent to their teacher / parent on Wednesday evening 18 September 2019, after completion of the First Round.
  3. Both instrumentalists and vocalists must perform their entire programme as performed during Round One.
  4. Finalists must report at the Performing Arts Centre at 17h00, where official photographs will be taken.
  5. Warm-up facilities will be available.
  6. This round will be presented as a formal concert, and finalists are to be dressed accordingly.
  7. During a short interval, the adjudicators will make their final decisions, and the winners will be announced.




        Prizes will be awarded in the form of vouchers redeemable from

        Mitech Direct to the finalists of the various categories:


        Junior School                                                                                    Senior School

        First prize             R3000.00                                                              In each of the 5 categories

        Second prize        R2000.00                                                               First prize                    R5000.00

        Third prize            R1000.00                                                              Second prize                R3000.00



        Information regarding entries:

        Please visit the website of the school

        Click on the “Sound of Spring online entry form”


        Queries regarding the competition may be directed to:


         Ingrid Koppeschaar