St Mary's DSG 140th Anniversary


St Mary's DSG was founded by Bishop Bousfield in 1879 for his six daughters, and named St Ethelreda's.  This obscure saint, the daughter of the King of East Anglia, may have been honoured because of the connection of the Bishop with Ely Cathedral which was founded by St Ethelreda.

It is the second oldest school in what was the "Transvaal" with only Loreto Convent being older.  Pretoria at that stage consisted of 10 streets East to West and 8 North to South.

With enrolment at 138 before the 2nd Anglo-Boer War, the political upheaval resulted in a precipitous decline to 25 by 1902, prompting Bishop Carter to invite the Community of St Mary the Virgin from Wantage, in England to rescue the School. They arrived in Pretoria on 7 September 1903 not knowing the name of the School, which disappeared from usage and for a few years it was know simply as "the DSG". It was in 1926 that the School took the name St Mary's DSG. Starting in the Bishop's house then called Bishopscote, with a brief period in Koch street, the School soon settled into its premises in Skinner street, which as far as MAPS shows us is now 279 Nana Sita Str., a 350 m walk from the cathedral. In 1923 the present property was purchased and the foundation stone laid in 1926. The School became operational on that property in 1929, on what was then the outskirts of Pretoria

IN 1975 the Sisters look their final leave of the School which has continued to thrive, not least because of the continued close attachment and involvement with the Diocese and the special relationship with the Diocesan Bishop.

In 2019 Senior School enrolment stands at 481, and Junior School at 460, the highest in the history of the School. An academic staff complement of 106 is supported by a team of 100 which covers security, estates, maintenance, admin, kitchen, laundry and boarding. An annual budget of in excess of R120 Million confirms the School as a serious business which must be run professionally without compromising the core reasons for the existence of the School reflected in the Vision and Mission.


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St Mary's DSG 140th Anniversary Events

  • Old Girls’ Tea for Staff [ Saturday 2 March ]
  • Junior School Netball Festival [ 5 & 6 April ]
  • Academic Amazing Race [ Wednesday 12 June ]
  • Conservation Project [ Wednesday 12 June ]
  • Road Race [ Saturday 22 June ]
  • School Birthday [ Saturday 14 September ]
  • Sounds of Spring Classical Music Competition [ 16-20 September ]
  • Starlight Mass Choir Competition [ 26-28 September ]