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Laptops at St Mary's DSG
Owning a School Laptop

Benefits of owning a laptop purchased through the school

Standardisation for technical support
On-site support and maintenance is especially important for boarders.We have 2 full-time laptop technicians employed to deal with technical problems and queries. It is impossible for the school to support other laptops.

Better pricing and after-sales service from suppliers
The school can negotiate better pricing and service from laptop suppliers. We have an established relationship with our suppliers and other software suppliers which allows room for negotiations especially in terms of pricing.
A loan laptop is provided if your daughter's laptop is being repaired
If your daughter’s laptop has to be sent in for repairs, a loan laptop will be provided (subject to availability of one). Please note we do not supply a loan laptop if you did not purchase through the school programme.

The school provides a complete software solution including application software and a variety of subject-related packages that are included in the original price of the machine.  The value of the software is over R6000.
Exceptional quality and after-sales service
We regularly investigate all laptop makes and models keeping quality and pricing in mind. We specifically choose laptops that could last for the entire period your daughter is at St Mary’s DSG. We have decided on an Acer laptop for 2015. We have tried several suppliers and the after-sales service of Acer is exceptionally reliable.

What will this laptop offer your daughter?
Fast filtered Internet Access
Email (internal & world-wide)
File Back-up and Storage
Network Printing
Virus Software Management
Wireless Network Access, in most places in the school and all classrooms
Backup and support from the St Mary's DSG IT department with 2 permanent IT technicians on-site
On-Site loan computers
3 years insurance (accidental damage & theft) – at an additional cost
All software is included