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Laptops at St Mary's DSG


St Mary’s DSG prides itself on providing relevant, world-class education and therefore also aims to prepare our girls for both the challenges and opportunities presented by technological advances.  The school has, over the years, become digital with two computer labs, digital cameras, SMART boards, an e-mail system for teachers and girls, the St Mary’s DSG external web site, the St Mary’s DSG intranet, and an extensive network of fibre optics and wireless access throughout the campus.

Computer technology has been integrated into the curriculum in both the Junior and Senior Schools.  In the past, St Mary’s DSG's computer labs were not able to cope with demands as teachers negotiated time slots for their classes, and often could not find an available slot.  Similarly in the afternoon the computers in the laboratories are insufficient for the number of girls, both day scholars and boarders, who want to do their research.  The St Mary’s DSG Laptop Programme which started for Grades 8, 9 and 10 in 2007 has alleviated this problem.

The importance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the processing of data, communication and presentation of ideas has become increasingly apparent to everyone.  Whatever path your daughters choose to follow when they leave St Mary's DSG, they will encounter computers everywhere: in universities, in libraries and in all areas of commerce and industry.

There is now overwhelming evidence that a pupil's level of confidence and ability in using ICT, and the quality of work that they can produce, across the curriculum, increases dramatically when they have permanent access to their own computer.

As more and more universities require strong ICT skills from students, St Mary’s DSG feels it has a responsibility to prepare our girls to use technology effectively.  While one-to-one interaction between teachers and girls will never be replaced, St Mary’s DSG sees laptop technology as another tool for education.